Cutting pliers: types and capacities at a glance

Cutting metal wire or similar stock – nails, screws, rebar, wire rope, and so on – is a recurring task in the shop, around the house and at the job site. While the heaviest wire and rod must be cut by sawing or grinding, the frequent small-to-medium gauge cutting jobs are most conveniently achieved using […]


Benefits of Woodworking

Should you take up woodworking? You might have thought about starting to work with wood, or if you are reading this article, chances are that you are considering it now. While we often pick up hobbies instinctively based on spontaneous interest, without a detailed consideration of the pros and cons of alternative pastimes, I think […]

Woodworking saws

Festool vs. Makita Guide Rails: Just the Same?

Plunge-cut circular saws are a central tool in most modern woodshops. These saws, often also called track saws, owe their accuracy and ease of use to guide rails or tracks. Although the tracks are usually specific to the saw brand, two of the leading manufacturers, Festool and Makita, carry very similar-looking models. If you are […]