Chainsaw Chain Speed Calculator

Chainsaw chain speed and how it relates to engine RPM is an often poorly understood topic among chainsaw enthusiasts. To help you check what chain speeds are you probably running at, I programmed a simple chain speed calculator below.

The chain speed calculator takes chain pitch, drive sprocket tooth count and engine RPM as input.

As output, the calculator gives you the chain speed both in meters per second (m/s) and feet per second (ft/s). It also gives you coefficients for chain force per newton-meters.

To use the tool, just input the asked quantities and press Calculate!


Chainsaw chain speed varies with engine speed – there is no single chain speed spec for a given chainsaw model.

Chain speed at max. power RPM is the most relevant one for cutting performance; for most saws, this is 9,000 … 10,000 rpm.

Drive sprocket tooth count can be verified by checking the sprocket under the bar mount cover. Most medium-to-large saws run a 7-tooth sprocket; most small saws with low-profile chains run a 6-tooth one.

Chain force depends on engine torque output – the calculator gives you the multiplier from newton-meters to newtons or pound-force.

Rim-type 7-tooth 3/8″ pitch drive sprocket on a Stihl MS661.